"Sometimes when there's mischief to be made, you need to bring in the experts

…" (Classic Rock on GMT)

This is raw, live, loud, real, and it pulls no punches. This is GMT, no studio magic, no airbrushing: this is truth, the way it happened on the night. RAW - LIVE is made up of tracks recorded on GMT's 2010 UK club tour.

Track List

1/ Meantime (Intro)
2/ Rawroar
3/ Cannonball
4/ Bullet In The Brain
5/ Wheel Of Fortune
6/ Perfumed Garden
7/ Can't Beat Rock'n'Roll
8/ Bitter and Twisted
9/ Longer Than Tomorrow
10/ No Easy Way
11/ Fire

Thank you to GMT FORUM member redial for his great review of RAW - LIVE. Here goes:


It grabs you by the proverbials right from the start just like you would expect a GMT gig and album to do! Right after the chimes ‘n’ beeps and frenzy (now to be referred to forevermore as ‘Meantime’ and ‘Rawroar’ respectively) the album launches into the aural attack that is Cannonball, so loud, I had to move away from the stereo. Next up the blistering Bullet In The Brain, and Wheel Of Fortune (brilliant), closed my eyes and I could have been there! Perfumed Garden, this is superb, and never fails to impress! A slow one? Haha no chance ! The climax of this is hardly slow! Mr Torme, that is genius! The next songs, You Can’t Beat Rock ‘n’ Roll, and then Bitter and Twisted tell it how it is, RAW, LIVE and LOUD. Longer Than Tomorrow, I won’t hear a bad word said about this song, IT Rocks and this is excellente, No Easy Way, I have to admit that this is a Gillan favourite of mine, but the GMT treatment of it surpasses that totally, and this proves it! Fire, not much I can say about this, apart from, they TOTALLY NAILED it! 100% right up to the finish

Gentlemen I hope you think that was worth all the head scratching, stress, cups of tea and waiting ! Because I do! Thank you!

"The big surprise for tonight answers to the name GMT! Messrs Bernie Torme, John McCoy and Robin Guy are on stage, giving us goosebumps"
Click below for review of HRH III by Costas Koulis

Brand new interview with Bernie Torme

GMT would like to say a GREAT BIG THANKS to all you people at HRH III!


Check out more great new Live photos of GMT HERE. More to be added soon

Bernie Tormé interview on "Heavy Metal Mayhem" show on
You can listen to the interview HERE

"The First Time I Heard Of Bernie Torme Was When He Joined Ozzy Osbournes Blizzard Of Oz.
Since Then I've Been A Fan. Bernie's Music Conforms To No Rules. Rock, Metal ,Punk, Pop You Name It and It Can Be Found In His Songs.

GMT Featuring Bernie, John McCoy And Robin Guy Display All That And More. Tonight We Touched On Just A Small Part Of A This Legends Musical Journey,
From His Time With Gillan And Ozzy To His Solo Material And More. Listen to the Show For Some Great Info On This Amazing Guitar Player."

Interview with Bernie with Bahama Kin (CMO1 Connecticut Music Online) March 24 2009

Listen to KomodoRock's podcast featuring "Punko Rocco"



"Evil Twin is the next story in the building of the GMT juggernaut. Bernie Torme, bassist John McCoy and drummer Robin Guy prove once again that without a doubt, GMT does ROCK!"

"All the way through the CD has a real dirty “live” feel to it, which I think is great."

Evil Twin Is A Must-Have Rock 'n' Roll Smash-Up!!!

"....brilliantly surpasses its predecessor..... a savage, brutal rock and roll smash-up that will have rock fans smiling.
Absolutely chock full of broken glass, barbed wire, and twisted metal, GMT has provided a show-no-quarter/take-no-prisoners album....
This album is the real deal-a must-have for any rock and roller worth his or her salt-GET A COPY NOW!......"
Brent A. Soileau, Deep Purple Hub

Read full review HERE

"..It's an ear shattering album full of trademark catchy guitar mastery and spine chilling bass lines atop a thundering beat, added with what I consider Bernie Torme's best vocal performance of his career..."
Larry Toering (Deep Purple Underground Forums) Read full review HERE

"Their time has come....Evil Twin is so raw, it makes sushi taste like seven-month-old haddock...." (Geoff Barton)
Read Evil Twin review in UK Classic Rock Magazine Feb 09 HERE
GMT Evil Twin is Loaded with Power. From the starting gun of this album, Punko Rocco (Featuring Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on vocals).(...)
The album is a tidal wave of pure music guts and all. It is a rock and roll statement not to be forgotton. Each song is in your face, the wild masters at work.
Gritty spice swirled into truth and real leathery vibrations of solid sound. There is no filler music, just pure heavy real solid rock and roll.

Are you ready to rock and roll? This album should be turned up to 10. Each story is a true testement from the real source
Bernie Torme stands the test of time. Unchained and truely. An album everyone should get.You will play this over and over.

(Bahama Kin , CMO1 Connecticut Music Online)
"........ An outstanding, raw brutal study of merciless hard rock with a slightly punkish attitude..... Dee Snider on guest vocals... It's heavy, dirty and phat....
rips the air in front of the speakers to pieces.!"
janne stark -
Sweden Rock MAGAZINE (complete review in translation here)
"Razor-sharp and relevant as hell, that's your Bernie Torme, the guitarist who could have been up there in the six-stringers pantheon if he didn't stick to his own guns and other thunderous devices.
"Bernie Torme: His Own Ground": Interview with Dmitry M Epstein at
"...(GMT) up the ante, creating a soundscape where heavy, punk -like riffs coexist with psychedelic Hendrix influenced guitar overtones and intelligent lyrics, all served up with a unique British flavor.......... something really special.......... Tabbed by this site as "Album Of The Month" for December....... the chemistry of this band cannot be denied..... passion fueled music which is only driven by their love of playing, not commercial concerns, which is how it should be.

Nightwatcher's House Of Rock
Top 10 Albums of 2008

"Coming on like a crazy cross between ZZ Top and prime-time Alice Cooper, GMT cleverly catapult every kind of rock music into their huge sound to stunning effect..."
..."they couldn't give a shit, they let it all hang out... GMT is murderously good fun!"
"Does the album have huge licks?....... Oh does it ever!...... the playing is top notch ....... it's a roller coaster ride through the ups and downs, swings and turns of rock n roll.
And everything is held together perfectly....." overall rating 9/10
Mike Elliott for Komodo Rock
Evil Twin is a must have, so few bands today have the ability to inject that urgency into the music that grabs the listener....
I did not smell a single filler track on this one.....

Blogger News Network (Simon Barrett)
"...Evil Twin is vintage Torme craziness, a slashing, smashing slab of wild beast throb that will have you air-guitaring like an idiot for days."

(scroll down)
".... the 'evil twin' to their debut, an even more nasty collection of wild songs featuring Torme's blistering guitar licks, rock solid rhythms, and most importantly, memorable, hard rockin' tunes.............ten tracks of 'get on your feet and rock' tunes.......
"Just like its predecessor, “Evil Twin” is an album that has to be experienced. Though it’s dirty and basic rock, there’s so much going on during the 10 songs that it’s impossible to get bored...."
"Those who doubted the British trio would retain the level of intensity set in 2006 with "Bitter & Twisted" should run in fear ..... the veterans do deliver....." (Dmitry Epstein)
"'For no nonsense punk/metal tunes look no further" (Jason Ritchie)
"...You only have to listen to this CD once to understand that there is a remarkable chemistry between them that makes Evil Twin a very special album."(Dean Pedley)
Marshall Amps likes "Evil Twin"

"..The guitar sounds really big and growly in the rocky tracks and it has that nice spanky fat clean tone on the blues song a la Hendrix.
There's no mistaking John's bass on any record and this is no exception..........."
From Steve Dawson "the man who's responsible for the design of the Vintage Modern" (Marshall Amplification)

"GMT’s debut album was one of the revelations of 2006. A thunderous, roaring opus full to the brim with raw excitement. It was always going to be a difficult act to follow..... John McCoy and Robin Guy must surely be one of the most powerful rhythm sections ever assembled and Bernie Tormé is undoubtedly the gypsy king of guitarists – screaming away with a wonderfully wild abandon... Evil Twin is a joy to listen to........"

"There’s tons of killer numbers on here ... If you only buy one album ...make sure that it’s GMT"
Five Quick Q’s with Bernie Tormé at
'The Rock'n Roll Oatcake' (scroll down)


"The Unreal McCoy"
An interview surrounding the US release of "Evil Twin" on The Deep Purple Hub

"Batttttty at StrangersInTheNight celebrates the release of GMTs EVIL TWIN by going out for a meal of Irish stew,
soda bread and... errr... the hummus of Mr McCoy, with Bernie Tormé.."
We asked our eager GMT Forum members for their reviews of EVIL TWIN.
Here is what some of them came up with, thanks guys, WE LOVE YOU TOO!

"In 2006 the world was introduced to GMT. This band although new at the time had members that were very well known and respected within the industry. Bernie Torme ex-Gillan, Ozzy, Desperado and solo artist with a guitar talent so mind blowing had got back together with ex-Gillan bassist and mainstay John McCoy and they had recruited Robin Guy a wild drummer who had the capability to play better with one hand than most drummers can with two hands. After releasing their debut album that year 'Bitter and Twisted' which is hailed by many as the 'saviour' album of Rock music due to its no holds barred dirty rock'n' roll style the band toured hard on it and then returned to the studio to release the follow up. Well now I have that follow up album in my hands 'Evil Twin' and if you've heard 'Bitter and Twisted' and appreciate just how good it is then you better take cover because this album 'Destroys' it. ..." (Big Daddy)

"...More menacing and more instantly memorable than it's predecessor (which in itself was a fantastic album), what EVIL TWIN actually seems to be saying is "we are GMT, we are here to stay whether you like it or not, and we're going to rock your brains out". It's good honest rock played by people who enjoy what they do, who aren't playing something because it's supposed to be 'cool' or fashionable, but because it sounds good. And it does. The minute that you've finished listening to it you're going to start playing it again - it's just one of those albums...definitely an instant 'classic'. (Taz girl)

"If ‘Bitter and Twisted’ knocked you on your arse, then pick yourself up and dust yourself down because ‘Evil Twin’ will certainly kick you in the balls! ...Hard edged, Fast and manic, clever and catchy…..put these all together and it still doesn’t come close to what this album achieves....With GMT, what you see is what you get, which is top-notch music delivered with a genuine passion from a band that young up-and-comers should take notice of and learn how its done..." (Ace5150)

"G M T is what these guys have been rehearsing for all their lives and Evil Twin is the undisputable proof...Opens in fine form with Punko Rocco and doesnt let up from then on; to describe each tracks merits would take me all day. I love it. and find I cant listen to anything else at the moment....The best bass player, guitarist, and drummer in the world." (Fatty)


Check out Dave Ling's Diary: "...most of yesterday afternoon was spent spinning ‘Evil Twin’,
the superb second album from Robin Guy and the ex-Gillan pair of John McCoy and Bernie Tormé...(14.11.08)"
EVIL TWIN live Q&A with GMT:
To read up on Bernie, John and Robin talking live about all things GMT ahead of
the official release date of EVIL TWIN, click on the FORUM link

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