Guy McCoy Tormé (GMT): EVIL TWIN

We've said it before, we'll say it again: Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Biker Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock.... whatever! GMT Rocks!

The follow up to Guy McCoy Torme's (GMT) acclaimed debut 'Bitter & Twisted' would be a daunting task to some, however GMT (feat. lunatic guitarist & frontman Bernie Torme, larger & louder than life bassist John McCoy & Hero in his own Lunchbox drummer Robin Guy) are no ordinary band.

Evil Twin is no ordinary 'second record' - packing a massive punch with raucous opener 'Punko Rocco' (feat. Twisted Sister's Dee Snider!),it takes you on a sonic journey straight into the title track - involving ragga beats & tabla percussion before it smashes you in the guts with the lyric "You trouble trouble before trouble troubles you..."

GMT prove that with a basic 3-piece band, you can still do unheard of things - one minute it's a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride,with Robin doing his best 'Keith Moon' on "You Can't Hold Me", then next stop is an epic blues-based tale ('Perfumed Garden') invoking the Dartford Tunnel...

There's even an ode to bassist John McCoy closing the album in true sing-a-long style - GMT prove they have the songs, style & humour

Bernie: "Some of our most delicate playing has come out on this record, but at the same time, some of our most ferocious rocking too - it lulls you into a sense of security and then smashes your skull open!"

Robin: "There's the trademark GMT jams where we all got the most magical live take recorded (despite me still not knowing the songs...!)"

John: "I don't know how we do it, but in all the bands I've been in, this is the one where we just do it!"

So, whether you like the Bull-in-a-China-Shop approach, or the Softly-Softly-Catchy-Bull-in-a-China-Shop approach, GMT's aptly-titled Evil Twin caters for all.

Guy McCoy Tormé, or GMT, are:

BERNIE TORME - Irish Guitar legend and frontman, known for saving the day for OZZY OSBOURNE when guitarist RANDY RHOADS tragically died, hits and tours with GILLAN, DESPERADO with TWISTED SISTER frontman DEE SNIDER and IRON MAIDEN drummer CLIVE BURR, TORME with LA GUNS singer PHILIP LEWIS, SILVER and much much more....

JOHN McCOY- Larger than life lead bass player, a man mountain with a huger sound. Who John hasn't played with, written for, or produced, isn't worth talking about, and includes GILLAN, MAMMOTH, SAMSON, JOEY BELLADONNA (ANTHRAX), UK SUBS, ATOMIC ROOSTER etc etc......

ROBIN GUY- Powerhouse tribal drum whore, Robin has already slammed drums with BRUCE DICKINSON (IRON MAIDEN), FAITH NO MORE, LARS FREDERIKSEN (RANCID) & many others.

Also appearing on EVIL TWIN:

KULJIT BHAMRA: tabla, indian percussion.

GMT rocks!

EVIL TWIN rocks!

Audiophile Uncut

hi all!

Just to let you know that we have made available a limited edition audiophile cd of evil twin with uncut takes. There are only 100 of these.

First regarding the UnCut-ness: i've always loved hearing bands talk at the beginning and end of takes, whether the Beatles on the rehearsal tapes or the Who at the end of Happy Jack (i saw you!) or Chas Chandler talking to an unconvinced Hendrix at the end of Red House, so as an added extra on most of these tracks you can hear us talking, opening beer cans, or savouring the er "atmosphere" (the end of Evil Twin for example!!), and jamming out on a couple of tracks that were shortened due to length (Jonny Sitar, and Wheel of Fortune).

Its pretty much from where we went into record to where recording stopped on each track, so its all a bit longer and there are no crossfades between tracks. Perfumed Garden was as it was anyways, too long, no different!

Second why an audiophile version? (Thinks: knowing how some journalists have stated that GMT is as "raw as untreated sewage" how can you have an audiophile version of GMT? audiophile raw sewage with the dynamics and transients preserved? Oh dear, sounds slightly unpleasant and maybe even a bit painful!)

To blind you all with a bit of boring science basically in this case it means that the mastering has been done with a bit less limiting and compression: this results in less overall volume (so you have to turn it up louder to start with!), slightly more difference between the loud parts and the quiet parts (not too many of those in our case!), and a bit less overall clipping: clipping can sound exciting, but can also be tiring to listen to over a long period of time. (More dynamic range also helps separate the snappiness of the drums slightly from the rest of the track, which I am aware was a point that ace5150 mentioned in his review). This may not be that noticeable on a boom box but will be on a bigger stereo.

i'm sure some of you have heard about the cd loudness wars, and how Metallica's Death Magnetic has recently become the focus of a lot of controversy regarding this, it seems to be the consensus that Death Magnetic was mastered too loudly. In connection with this an old friend of John's and more recently of mine, Ian Shepherd, who is a superb mastering engineer at SRT in Cambridge, and who has advised us most helpfully on both GMT albums, mentioned to us that while he thought Evil Twin sounded really excellent, he also felt that in his opinion a small increase in dynamic range might have made it sound even punchier! Check out Ians blog on cd loudness wars in general and death magnetic in particular at Ian is by his own admission a man on a mission!

Because John and I have a very high regard of Ian's opinion, we wanted to do this limited edition to give you an extra choice with this, so there is so much more headroom here, you can even wear a hat!

The ebay link (only place you can get it) is at

We hope you like, be interested to hear what you think.

Bernie Tormé

US Release for GMT's debut album "Bitter & Twisted" :
Release date: 28th October 2008

KOCH Entertainment Distribution "The Major Alternative" .

Ahead of GMT's forthcoming second album "Evil Twin"!

GMT "Punko Rocco EP"
(Two brandnew tracks "Punko Rocco" and "Wheel of Fortune" plus live version of "Wild West" (RBCS 2007)

Limited Edition
Picture disc "Punko Rocco EP".
Grab one while you can. After these are gone
the EP will only be available as download.



GMT's first album "Bitter & Twisted" is out now.
Available for UK release through Cadiz/ Pinnacle Distribution.
(Cat No FIRK112 Barcode 5060066551125)



A hard rockin’ trio made up of Bernie Tormie (Guitar/Vocals); John McCoy (Bass) & Robin Guy (Drums) who between them have played with and been members of bands with the likes of Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, Mammoth & Sack Trip. Now it’s time to show us what they can do in their own musical unit.
This is an album that is on 11 from the start – it blows up in your face and pulls no punches throughout. There are literally loads of great songs on here - take the heavy-weight opener ‘Cannonball’ as a brilliant example; the deep-rooted ‘Rocky Road (from Dublin) that has Ireland all over it; the old-school Saxon-esque ‘Can’t beat rock ‘n’ roll’ – you never can dude.
You can simply not get tired of playing this album from time to time as there is a lot of variety to as opposed to one single rock genre. I love the way in ‘Miss the Buzz’ (excellent play on words by the way) that they mix kinda proggy-blues with a late Beatle-like arrangement or go for an atmospheric Doorsy vibe in ‘Summerland’ that also has the power of a heavy-ripping who number at the right moment. Then there’s the extravagant ‘Vincenzo’ that closes the CD.
A real glower and grower of an album – looking forward to seeing them live and hearing the next release from GMT !
By Glenn Milligan

" When is a “supergroup” really a supergroup? Is it when all the names of the players are well known? Is it when the band is made up of guys that are simply superior musicians? Really…what is more of a “supergroup” – the late 80s band Contraband that featured members of Shark Island, LA Guns, Vixen and MSG; or Dream Theater that features arguably the most talented collection of musicians ever assembled? Maybe the answer lays somewhere in the middle. Maybe a supergroup is defined by guys with strong pedigree that also can flat out play their asses off. If that’s the case, then GMT is one of the most solid “supergroups” ever to have existed. Featuring one of the most underrated guitarists in the history of hard rock and heavy metal Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne Band, Desperado), drummer Robin Guy (Bruce Dickinson, Faith No More) and bassist John McCoy (Gillan, Atomic Rooster, Samson), the collaboration known as GMT is not only rock solid musically, but features some good, ol’ fashioned ass-kicker hard rock that is sure to please fans of bands like Rose Tattoo and like sounding shit-kicker acts.

Without question, most people’s focal point on this band will be guitarist Bernie Torme, as it really should be here. Torme is a major league guitar player who was only stopped from being considered one of the greatest of all time by his lack of self-promotion and overexposure. Every project he’s ever played on has had killer guitars, and BITTER AND TWISTED is no exception. Interestingly, he combines a lot of musical styles here. Songs like “Miss The Buzz” are raw, grinding guitar tunes where you literally can envision Torme on stage just piercing a mid-sided club with his raw sound and some very Van Halen like soloing. On other songs, like “Down To Here”, Torme switches up into a full on, power Blues vibe that would make the late Stevie Ray Vaughan look down from Heaven and smile. In addition to his killer guitar work, Torme acts as vocalist on BITTER AND TWISTED. He’s not really the best voice you will ever here, but his “beer drinker” presentation gives a very casual, party-like vibe to the songs. He’s solid vocally, although he’s never going to be confused with any of the vocal legends he’s played guitar for in the past.

While Torme is the centerpiece of the attention (and should be, really), there is no denying that the other two musicians in GMT deserver a great deal of credit. Robin Guy, considered by many to be the best drummer in the UK today, is a pillar of consistency throughout. While it could be simply the way the drums were recorded, listening to songs like “No Justice” just leave you thinking that Guy is hitting the drums really, REALLY hard. Not only does he give a powerful performance here, but he’s surprisingly polished for a player that swings his sticks like a mallet on a wall he’s tearing down. The drumming is masterful. The same can be said for John McCoy’s bass playing. He does far more than follow along with Guy. Instead, his consistent undercarriage of thunder rocks these songs firmly forward. His playing drives the previously mentioned “Miss The Buzz” as it acts as the lead sound from which Torme’s vocals and guitars play off off. Don’t read into this that GMT is a series of showcase songs for individual instrumentation though. To the contrary, each and every song sounds like a true song where all the pieces just fit together. It’s truly a great rock CD." (Chris Akin) Pitriff Online

The odd couple… Sleazy punk guitarist Bernie Tormé and heavyweight bassist John McCoy have played together before on several occasions (most famously with GILLAN), and they’re back again in a power trio setting, which is completed by powerhouse drummer Robin Guy. GMT is the name and rough and ready rock & roll is the game. Bitter & Twisted is the band’s debut album -  and what an album it is… It’s not easy to describe the style, but you can recognize many sounds from the members’ previous bands. There’s some classic rock, punk, blues and psychedelic rock… The album is amazingly versatile, but whatever you call it, it’s loud!
The energetic punky rocker ‘Cannonball’ kicks off the album in spectacular fashion. ‘Rocky Road’ has that punky attitude as well, and the Celtic flavour in this song (à la THIN LIZZY/GARY MOORE) and the tribal rhythm are highly appreciated – in fact, this song sounds like a heavy version of ADAM & THE ANTS. Other great songs are the psychedelic ‘Miss The Buzz’, the moody, bluesy ‘Down To Here’ (with an amazing guitar solo) and the brilliant closer ‘Vincenzo’, a laughing-out-loud track which reminds me a bit of GILLAN’s ‘No Laughing In Heaven’.
As a guitarist, Bernie Tormé can’t be equalled, and his playing gells perfectly with McCoy’s thundering bass and Guy’s heavy drumming. These guys really have a thing going. You might argue that Tormé isn’t much of a singer, but then his raw vocals are exactly what this music asks for. I’ve been enjoying this album much more than I expected… it’s been in my cd player for several weeks now and I just can’t get enough. Raw, rough, rocking… if that’s what you’re looking for in your music, GMT delivers. Fantastic album! Metal Nose

Possibly the sleeper hit of the year for people who are tired of cookie monster vocals and hardcore/lowcore/rotten-to-the-core, is the new CD by Bernie Tormé, John McCoy and Robin Guy, otherwise known as GMT. GMT's record Bitter & Twisted is simply put, phenomenal. Bernie has a guitar sound that just warms the cockles of the heart with his fuzz-driven, torque-y sound while John and Robin combine for a rhythm section that is potentially combustible. The record is a true labor of love, evident from even a cursory listen, offering up 11 perfect gems without a note that you would think was just tossed off carelessly... Read More

"Forget all this Dragonforce talk and the new coming of the guitar bands. Take one listen to Bitter & Twisted by GMT to make you remember what six-strings should sound like. Skip these 50,000 notes in one bar. Bernie Tormé makes you forget about them all with just his tone on 1 note. This is a new band from the ex-Gillan/Desperado/Ozzy guitarist not mention his own bands, Electric Gypsies and Tormé.Here he is joined by ex Gillan/Mammoth/Samson/Belladonna bass player John McCoy and drummer Robin Guy who has been too many bands to mention. This is a gritty guitar-driven record that is simply a joy to listen to and one that can be enjoyed by greybeards such as me as well as younger guitar fans.
Bitter & Twisted begins with a furious pace on the explosive (sorry) “Cannonball”. McCoy and Guy crank into a belligerent rhythm that sounds like a brontosaurus locked in a tea shop. Then comes Tormé’s chainsaw guitar that powers this entire affair. As a vocalist, Bernie will never be confused with Bono or Ian Gillan but his voice totally fits this style of music.
One of the best moments of the record is the adrenaline rush of the second cut “Rocky Road”. Guy sets off the war drums at the intro, ushering in a punk-ish type song that sounds like a cross between Whitesnake and The Clash. There’s one of those pub inspired choruses that sounds like a Friday night just before too many Guinness are consumed.
The title track is excellent with a slower and nastier guitar crackling like an electric fence, propelling this to one of the highlights of the record. “Can’t Beat Rock N Roll” is equal to the task with a chorus that makes you want to jump on a chair and throw the devils horns. OK, maybe that’s just me!
Things are tempered for a bit with the bluesy “Down to Here”, another terrific cut that sounds like early Stones. “No Justice” takes off like galloping horses, especially on the chorus where it threatens to run away with itself. The deadly sharp bass of McCoy starts off “Miss the Buzz”, a solid cut with a surprisingly great chorus.
“Longer Than Tomorrow” starts off with a riff so jagged that my ears have abrasions. A tremendous chorus rewards the listener along with a delicious solo that’s brief but tasty --- sort of like a dirtier Bill Nelson.
One of the most surprising cuts and possibly the best part of this album (though it’s hard to pick on a treasure trove like this) is the laid back “Summerland” which is also kind of Stones-ish. It’s a slower cut but it’s still hard to constrain the quickly-rousted guitar of Tormé which snarls during the choruses. An awesome cut!
The stately “DeIreadh An Samhradh” (which apparently is Summer’s End in what I guess is Gaelic) is a gorgeous piece of music that is all atmospheric and the only complaint is that it would have been good to finish off the record with it. Perhaps it was originally however, and the raucous “Vincenz O” elbowed its way into the position. A perfect closer to end on a high note, this song is heavy yet fluid, sort of like a a Viking in perfect pillage mode while riding a shopping cart. Is that a bicycle bell on the final note? What the heck, eh?
This is a surprisingly strong record. Everybody knows Bernie Tormé can play guitar. What I and perhaps others forgot is that he can write an awesome song as well and in fact not one, but 11 of them. Any Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore or similar fans out there, you absolutely have to check out this CD. It is one of the sleeper records of the year. And for the younger set, if you want to hear some guitar with feeling and not just a blender spewing notes, check out a real master."

Morley Seaver, Bella Online

"Once you pop in the rocking debut, 'Bitter & Twisted' from GMT (Guy McCoy Torme) its like throwing a lit match in pool of gasoline! Coming at you like a battering ram the trio unleash their rock fury with, "Cannonball", loaded with Bernie Torme's signature dive bomb whammy bar assault! Bernie Torme the Irish Guitar Legend and Frontman, known for saving the day for Ozzy Osbourne when Randy Rhodes tragically died, then with Desperado with Twisted Sister Frontman Dee Snider and Iron Maiden Drummer Clive Burr. Then you have the rhythm section of McCoy and Guy that are down right nasty! As is evident as the trio coming rocking out of your speakers with tracks like, the balls out rocking, "Rocky Road" and "Can't Beat Rock And Roll". Like the late Joe Strummer and Rancid, GMT have not only embrace Punk, but elevates it to its truest art and rawest form. Combining it around richly textured power guitar hooks and an attitude that would bring a brama bull to its knees. There is something incredibly special about this band that it trancends genres. Just imagine the lads from Thin Lizzy throwing it down and getting crazy with the boys from The Pogues only to have the Flogging Mollys and Motorhead crash the party! 'Bitter & Twisted' is a balls out rocker that comes highly recommended." (The Atomic Chaser) ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE, LOS ANGELES, USA

"Bitter & Twisted" - The title says it all and makes you think of something as raw and heavy as gin and tonic. And the music pretty much meets your expectations! The first chords and pounding drums of the opener Cannon Ball set the tone for the whole record. And it doesn’t get any milder even in the ballads as the music is a mix of hard rock and metal!
There’s a great intention in every song; the music is so powerful that it’s almost unbelievable it was born in between just three people. It definitely has something to do with the chemistry!
The pearl of the record is undoubtedly Irish Guitar Legend Bernie Torme with his creative ideas and dynamic guitar work while McCoy and Guy make a solid backbone. Being inspired by Jimi Hendrix in mind, Torme creates awesome virtuous guitar riffs, his solos sometimes are so high-pitched and fast that it almost hurts your ears. Just those guitar licks may be the reason the album is worth listening to. There’s something interesting to be found in every one of 11 tracks.A lot of the songs tend to sound anthemic, like Rocky Road that could've become the pirates’ anthem had it been written a couple hundred years ago. Raspy guitars make a creepy atmosphere and Torme’s yelling “Hey, enough of your shite/ Buy me another pint” invites to start a rebellion.
There’s an unexpected turn towards the end of the album in Summerland and Deireadh An Samhradh -- very like The Doors or some psychedelic band from the '70s -- 8-minute songs with the next one being the end of the previous, guitar sound experiments, thunderous drums and a child talking to finish it all. So weird that you wonder if it’s still the same band..." // 10. Kosh (c) 2007

"t's not so much about the time as about tenacity and faithfulness.
"Cannoball": the lightning-striking opener's title says it all and sets the tone for this fine record from the British heavy rock veterans. The band's name comes from the names of the musicians - drummer Robin Guy, bassist John McCoy and singing guitarist Bernie Torme - and the band's style's the distillation of their well-known inclinations. With Guy providing the thunderous beat for a string of fine groups, it's the combination of Torme and McCoy that's in the focus here. Tightly interwoven and strong as a ship rope in the midtempo sway of the title track, their instruments were the trampoline for the GILLAN singer's voice; Bernie's not in the same vocal category as his former employer but with his bluesy punk roots and enigmatic John - big, bald, bearded - a visual template for contemporary alternative metallists, their music is vital and relevant. More so, whereas today's crop of rockers are a superficial flock, GMT are firmly grounded and, in "Down To Here", build their own drama from the Hendrix's balladry tools.
Sometimes, they're anthemic - live, "No Justice" will go down well with a call-and-response with an audience, and "I Miss The Buzz" demands a good dose of orchestration - sometimes, they're groovy enough to blast the listeners' socks off, but GMT are always sardonic: so much for the humor and joviality in their songs, yet it's exactly what their lyrical diary of day-to-day social stress asks for. Still, there's a lotta fun in the closing "Vincenzo" and a bright light in the "Summerland" echo-ey romantic gloom. Were it not the veterans but clean-faced boys behind these songs, the album would ferociously bite into the charts. But this band are too bitter and too twisted which requires a good taste to relish them." DME Music Site, Let It Rock (Classic Rock and Beyond)

"A Bitter what you fancy.
If you thought the idea of a stripped-down rock'n'rock power trio was dead and buried in these technological times, think again. GMT (drummer Robin Guy, bassist John McCoy and guitarist Bernie Tormé) are as raw as untreated sewage - and just as environmentally unfriendly.
Guy and McCoy don't so much play as pound while Tormé, master of the psychedelic shred, stamps his stumbling virtuosity on every song. Vocal niceties are irrelevant in the face of tracks such as Cannonball (a stuttersome stormer), Down To Here (a clunky, bluesy ballad) and the title track (a real Van Halen-style howler). What's more it's great to hear Tormé going back to his roots, not only on Rocky Road (From Dublin) but also on the punktified No Justice - he was on 1977's Live At The Vortex, after all.
Enjoy, This is as Twisted as a tornado.

*******/10 Geoff Barton, Classic Rock Magazine

"...GMT - Guy McCoy Torme, an astonishingly powerful three-piece whose debut album Bitter & Twisted lands harder and hits more solidly than any straightforward rock album this year. Of course, the founding members need no introduction. Suffice it to say, drummer Robin Guy remains as thunderous as ever and kicks off almost every track with a wall of sheer rythm. Bernie Torme ranked among Britain's most dynamic guitarists for almost three decades now, and his playing remains as distinctive as it is deliciously idiosyncratic. Lots of guitarists claim to be able to make their guitar speak. Torme can make it dance, sing and whistle, too, and the nonstop blitz of "Bitter & Twisted" affords him plenty of opportunity to do so.
Key cuts abound - the opening "Cannonball", the anthemic "Can't Beat Rock'n'Roll", the bass-heavy "Miss The Buzz" and the evocatively peace-laden "Summerland". But you won't want to play favorites with "Bitter & Twisted", just turn it up as loud as it'll go and lose yourself in the noise."
Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine Magazine

"...This album ROCKS and then some!
From the rattling opener Canonball through to Rocky Road (From Dublin): think Thin Lizzy meets the Pogues, this album is a sheer joy. As a three piece they exude so much power, in fact a melodic Motorhead would be a near comparison. Just check out Can't Beat Rock'n'Roll, awesome riffing and one of the loudest and tightest rhythm sections you'll have heard in a long time. Down To Here allows Torme to flex his blues guitar playing, whilst Miss The Buzz has a pounding backbeat and very melodic chorus, plus very funny lyrics. There is even a mini-Gillan reunion as Colin Towns adds keys to this song and a few other tracks. Vincenzo rounds the album off in style, another catchy tune with lots of guitar riffs plus listen out for the telephones and piano riffs, a strange song all round.
GMT have produced one of the best debuts I've heard for ages and one that will still get played down through the years I am sure.

The power trio as it should be done: no frills rock'n'roll."
Jason Ritchie

'Bitter & Twisted' marks the welcome return of former Gillan cohorts John McCoy and Bernie Torme and finds them in a stripped down, no frills, power-trio with an album of few overdubs. He might not have the same credentials as his illustrious band mates but in drummer Robin Guy they have unearthed a real find. Having previously played with Faith No More and Bruce Dickenson, Guy is a real powerhouse drummer and gels perfectly with McCoy's monstrous bass sound and Torme's raw and energetic riffs.  

'Cannonball' kicks things off and straight away you can tell this an album that begs to be played loud, Guy immediately making his mark with some thundering beats. For 'Rocky Road' Torme goes back to his roots, the autobiographical lyrics a tongue-in cheek reference to his Irish heritage and delivered in his native accent. ("Could've been diggin' ditches, Or carryin' the hod / Down tunnels or on bridges, Far from the eye of God / Me I'm sitting pretty, Playing my guitar / On the Rocky Road from Dublin"). There really isn't a bad song on this album but to pick out a couple more highlights then 'Miss The Buzz' is a great psychedelic rocker and 'Can't Beat Rock N Roll' is an infectious up-tempo classic rock number with some AC/DC inspired riffs and a really catchy chorus.  

The real highlight for me is the eight minute epic 'Summerland' that kicks off with a much slower tempo than what has gone before, Bernie taking the vocal in a very laid back style that reminds me of Robbie Robertson. Again, the rhythm section is really tight on this one; McCoy's driving bass well to the forefront. This really is an excellent track, and one which I hope to see them play live in the not too distant future. The atmospheric instrumental 'Deireadh An Samhradh (Summer's End)' is well executed and leads into the eccentric closing number 'Vincenzo (della Grande Pumpo del' Amore)'. A suitably off-the-wall lyric combine with a groove heavy rhythm and is played with a real sense of fun and enjoyment. They even manage to include a bicycle bell in there somewhere… 

'Bitter & Twisted' is a fantastic return for Torme and McCoy and on this evidence there is plenty of life left in these two veterans of the Rock scene. By recruiting Robin Guy and coming up with a stunning set of original material they are certainly not playing the nostalgia card and they really do deserve to be heard by a wide audience.

Buy this one, it's a real gem. Rating 9.5/10 

Deano for

What do you get when you combine the prodigious talents of legendary Irish guitarist Bernie Tormé (Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider's Desperado), larger than life bassist John McCoy (Gillan, Samson, Mammoth) and wildman drummer Robin Guy (Bruce Dickinson, Faith No More, Rachel Stamp)? Well, you get GMT, who on their debut release 'Bitter & Twisted' have released an album that not only will peel the paint off your walls, but will definitely perk up the ears of any fan of no nonsense heavy rock, resulting in one of the finest records of the year in the process.

The album roars off with "Cannonball," a ferocious, almost speed metal track that begins with manic riffs courtesy of Tormé sounding like Dick Dale after ingesting an 8 ball of meth, before calming down slightly to allow the vocals room to breathe. Underneath, Robin Guy's thundering drums and John McCoy's rumbling bass lines combine to conjure up a wall of sound that's both mesmerizing and captivating, propelling it along like a speeding locomotive that's about to derail. This blistering rocker is one of many highlights of this superlative disc, and is just a hint of what's to come.

One aspect which truly impresses is just how musically tight these three are. Like a well oiled machine, this is a power trio firing on all cylinders from the get go. There's an obvious chemistry at play here, a symmetry of which cannot be faked or forced. They're the real deal, playing to win, and taking no prisoners. From there it continues with a decidedly Irish bent with "Rocky Road (from Dublin)," which mixes Celtic, Lizzy-like rhythms with the thrust of Mötorhead, showcasing impassioned vocals from Tormé. Slowing down marginally with the grinding riff rocker that is the title track, McCoy and Guy interlock in a primal beat that will beat one into submission before leading into the anthemic "Can't Beat Rock 'N' Roll," which boasts a heavy, ZZ Top - gone - metal like riff which is sure to please connoisseurs of slamming heavy rock. Catchy and memorable from the start, this is certainly another highlight on display here, and would be perfect for radio play."Down To Here" exhibits fantastic guitar work ala Hendrix, and is a great showcase which shows that Tormé hasn't lost his gift for coming up with memorable lead lines, showcasing the skills that powered Gillan, and made him the one Ozzy tapped to fill in on short notice when Randy Rhoads tragically died, as he wrenches notes from his Strat during the extended solo.

"No Justice" is another straight forward rocker with a slightly punkish vibe which features a catchy, rousing chorus, while "Miss The Buzz" mixes up the heaviness with the influence of classic English psychedelic pop during the harmonized vocals which comprise the chorus. What sounds like a mellotron is employed over which Tormé solos with abandon, lending more of a trippy effect to the track. "Longer Than Tomorrow" is another riveting, intense rocker with dive bombing guitars; although deceptively simple, chordal wise, it's quite effective, building in intensity as the song progresses. "Summerland" begins with beautiful acoustic work before suddenly erupting into a power psychedelic ballad of sorts, although, unlike many similar efforts, this one really rocks. Yet again slightly dreamy and trance-like, it has a hypnotic effect that's heightened especially if one is in an "enlightened" state of mind, the crashing drums adding a bit of cacophony to the mix. At over 8 minutes, it's the longest track here -- it takes the time to suck one in, and succeeds admirably. Booming drums and feedback herald the start of "Deireadh An Samhradh (Summer's End)," which is more of an instrumental bridge to the album's concluding track "Vincenzo (Della Grande Pumpo Del Amore)," a hard edged glam styled rocker reminiscent of Tormé's work in Electric Gypsies which finishes things off in fine fashion indeed.

Remarkably diverse, especially for the power trio format, what GMT have come up with is a most impressive, cohesive mix of songs certain to find favor with all those who seek this out. Rather than merely playing it safe and coming up with something predictable, these three extremely talented rock veterans have created an album which is as vital as anything being released in heavy rock today, while still retaining enough of the classic elements which brought them recognition in the first place. The band says, " However you might want to describe their sound - hard rock, heavy rock, classic, psychedelic or biker rock, sleazy, garage or punk rock" -- well, I would describe this as simply a damn fine rock record which defies mere categorization or labels. A rare combination, and one which comes very highly recommended. 10/10

Nightwatcher for rock n roll universe

"...New album from drummer Robin Guy, bassist John McCoy and guitarist/vocalist Bernie Tormé, the latter two perhaps best known from having played with The Gillan Band (between them you can add Samson, Atomic Rooster, Mammoth, Desperado and many others).
The set opens with the powerful Cannonball, probably the heaviest thing they've ever done, before we get the Irish sounding Rocky Road, the Celtic influence allowing Tormé to play on his native accent. The tribal drums work well too.
Throughout the album the guitar chops are sharp, the solos blistering, the bass heavy as lead and the drums thunderous. Each really prove's their merit, and the production as solid as the music is heavy. You Can't Beat Rock'n'Roll sums things up well.
A unique blend of classic rock proving its utter relevance, and a welcome return to the Bernie and John combination.
Joe Geesin's 5 STAR ***** ("OUT OF THIS WORLD")
Get Ready To Rock

"... And how spooky is this? Two days after posting that photo of myself with Bernie Tormé at Reading, a package from The Great Man hits the doormat. Besides a message of thanks for the recent review of the Desperado album in Classic Rock, Bernie wanted to pass on a copy of 'Bitter & Twisted', the debut from his latest venture GMT. I'd already seen the band (completed by ex-Gillan/Mammoth bassist John McCoy and former Rachel Stamp/Bruce Dickinson drummer Robin Guy) whipping up a storm at a Clive Burr benefit gig at the Ruskin Arms last year, so knew of their potential. What can I impart of Tormé's oeuvre that hasn't already been written? Very little. A typically monstrous slab of punk-tinged psychedelic hard rock, overlain with squalling guitars, Whammy bar torture tactics and barely intelligiable, electric soup-fuelled vocals, 'Bitter & Twisted' is worth tracking down right away.

"The debut release from the thundering rock trio crosses a variety of musical genres/boundaries as Bernie Torme, John McCoy, and Robin Guy show the new blood how it’s done.
The foot stomping relentless pace of “Cannonball” starts the album off by exploding from the speakers. I had heard the song previously on a DVD I reviewed and I’m happy to say that it remains fully intact in it’s power here. The music is pounding and the delivery pace of guitarist Bernie Torme’s vocals is note perfect. One of the two planned radio releases, “Rocky Road (To Dublin)” mixes today’s hard rock sound with the phrasing of Irish music and carries it off wonderfully. The title track has a slower tempo and a blues-rock finish to the song while “Can’t Beat Rock N Roll” is a fast paced rocker.
A more groove oriented track like “Miss The Buzz” proves GMT is adept at any style of song. The songs that start off in a more ballad like fashion like “Down To Here” and “Summerland” also serves as examples of their musical adaptability. The former features a really cool guitar solo from Torme, while the latter track ends up a far more rocking track with an attacking guitar line before settling back into the slower tempo again. It’s also the longest track on the CD. The length and pace of the song give it that classic “epic” feel. Still, with all that being said, it’s the first track “Cannonball” that stands out to me as the best on the album. It grabs you by the throat, throws you against the wall, and dares you to try and turn away. It’s a candidate, in my book, for song of the year.

The closing track “Vincenzo (Della Grande Pumpo Del Amore)” is solid musically, but I didn’t care for the lyrics or the delivery. I can’t decide if they were being delivered tongue in cheek like a novelty song or what.
Imagine putting the pedal to the metal? Do you have that imagine in your head? Okay, now save for an occasional moment when you run into another car on the highway, imagine never letting up on that pedal? This is the feeling you’ll get when listening to GMT. It’s a university level course in how to make a dead on balls accurate rock album. From the hot guitar riffs of Torme to the slamming rhythm foundation of McCoy and Robin Guy, the band puts to shame more than a lot of bands making hay these days.
Jay Roberts Rock Is Life

"Fans of no frills heavy rock & metal will get a kick out of the debut from GMT, the new band comprised of guitarist/vocalist Bernie Torme (Gillan/Torme/Ozzy), bassist John McCoy (Mammoth/Gillan) and drummer Robin Guy (Bruce Dickinson/Faith No More). These guys deliver eleven solid tracks of ballsy, blues inflected biker rock somewhat along the lines of early Motorhead, complete with tight rhythms and Torme's wild guitar flights. There's an extremely raw feel here, as if the trio just went into the studio and ripped this out live, yet the songs are all highly memorable and just good plain fun.Listen to Torme litterally peel the paint off the wall with his scorching blues-rock solo on "Down to Here" (one of the albums more moodier pieces), and the band just kicks into overdrive on the faster, almost speed metal meets punk tracks like "Cannonball" and the title track. Bernie provides the vocals, and his "rough and ready" punk inspired vocal attack works well on bruisers like the catchy "Can't Beat Rock 'n' Roll" and the energetic "No Justice". McCoy's "mammoth" bass grooves lead off the crunchy "Miss the Buzz", a plodding heavy rock number with equally large guitar riffs from Torme, and "Longer the Tomorrow" sees the guitarist lashing out some complex guitar patterns while McCoy and Guy dig in deep. Bernie's solo on this one is chilling, with Guy's maniacal drum beats raging behind him. The final three tracks on the album sees the band getting into some different sounds, and this adds some nice variety to the back end of the CD. "Summerland" is a atmospheric piece with some deft picking and occasional whammy bar screams from Torme, and "Deireadh An Samhradh (Summers end)" is a brooding little instrumental. Both these pieces add a nice psychedelic flavor. The final piece "Vincenzo (Bella Grande Pumpo Del Amore)" is a bombastic rocker, with guest keyboards from Colin Townes (a mini-Gillan reunion!), and makes for a spirited ending to a fun CD.Perhaps not the most refined album, but I don't think it was ever meant to be. These three have an obvious chemistry together, and it really shows. Torme is one of the most underrated guitarists around, and his skills are in the spotlight here, as well as the excellent rhythm work of both McCoy and Guy. Fans of Torme's solo work, as well as the raucous hard rock & metal sounds of vintage Gillan or Motorhead, would be well advised to check out Bitter & Twisted, and be prepared to have a lot of fun with it."
Pete Pardo

Internview with Bernie and John in
Classic Rock Magazine


*****Bloody Brilliant Album:
This is one of the greatest line ups in British/Irish Rock music for many a year. Bernie, John and Robin....I have waited for a good few years for the McCoy/Torme collaberation and what an album it is too!! It sounds like they have just miked everything up, played as live and done the business!! Who needs loads of overdubs?? You never get what it sounds like on the album usually, but with this one,I can close my eyes and imagine the crowd in the background. AWESOME is the word. And I love Rocky Road to Dublin....obviously the N11 from Arklow!!

*****Not bitter or twisted but somewhat nostalgic:
This is a huge sounding CD. Tormes vocals are very recognizable and his strat sounds massive. Great to hear Mr Mcoys bass pounding and the drummer is also good. This is definately one of those albums that grow on you with some great riffs and some great humour on offer, and also a great Hendrix alike track, and all played very tightly. I look forward to seeing GMT live in the near future.


1. Cannonball
2. Rocky Road (from Dublin)
3. Bitter and Twisted
4. Can't Beat Rock'n'Roll
5. Down to Here
6. No Justice
7. Miss The Buzz
8. Longer Than Tomorrow
9. Summerland
10. Deireadh An Samhradh (Summer's End)
11. Vincenzo (della Grande Pumpo del' Amore)

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GMT's debut album "Bitter & Twisted" was recorded and mixed at Barnroom Studios, Kent

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